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A room with a view

This work intends to explore the idea of "Media" and its influence on our lives and society, especially in relation to consumerism. "Media defines the whole person" (Jenkins, J 82). Television, radio, video, films, computers, newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements and cinema all play a huge role in twenty first century society and identity. They can well be understood as a tool for mass consumption. Through the act of covering the furniture with recycled media i.e., newspapers, magazines, etc., I intend to give the viewer an impression of how the media infiltrates or penetrates our lives. We, like the paper straws that are rolled, entangled and wrapped, are enticed, captivated, mesmerised and even delighted by the "view".

"BUY ONE GET ONE FREE" (£0.00 Price to £5.000,00)

As an artist I want to question the object as a commodity value. These are found chairs presented like 'Window shopping'. It is a kind of allegory to the 'Zero price condition' - of the world market supply and demand, the more in demand, the cheaper. Can anything go for less than zero price? In fact we can say yes, this is the way we as consumers are treating the environment (raw materials and people who are working with very low incomes( cheap labour). Are the 'Chairs' over priced from £0.00 price to £5.000.00? No, "They are worth it".

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